Why is the ViewMe light so very important to business?

We live in a digital, visual world. Lighting yourself well to ensure your best image is broadcast when you are webcasting should be as obvious as not meeting a client with messy hair while wearing flip-flops.

BusinessAdditionally, the best communication occurs when you are SEEN and heard. With ViewMe webcam lighting fixtures you will send a clearly defined image so no detail of the conversation is lost. Proper lighting for clear facial viewing can mean the difference between knowing what was said or guessing at what it sounded like.

Studies show we receive and understand spoken communication through:

  • 7% of meaning in the words that are spoken.
  • 38% of meaning is the way that the words are said.
  • 55% of meaning is in FACIAL EXPRESSION.

Make sure your communication is crystal clear. The "ViewMe Light" can be mounted to your monitor with tilting adjustment, or stand mounted. These energy efficient LED fixtures will ensure that you are always seen in the best light.

Small Business

Do you have a Home Office or Small Business? Webcasting and video chat broadcasts allow you to work face-to-face with people, building business relationships while never leaving your computer. Use ViewMe lights to put your best face forward. Lighting yourself well to ensure a great video broadcast image puts you on the cutting edge, a step ahead of your shadow faced competition.

Medium Business

How do you grow into a bigger business? In today’s digital world, many times, your company is as large as people think it is. Many companies you deal with will never see you or your facility in person. Webcasting can build face-to-face relationships with people you may never meet, so make sure you are only seen in your "best light!" Lighting yourself well with the ViewMe light for a clear visual broadcast image says "we are professional, we care about clear communication and our relationship will be good for both of us!"

Multi-Location Business

Benefit your business inside and out

Large businesses in huge facilities or multi-locations often lose the benefit of face to face communication with co-workers. Reduce travel expenses yet still collaborate together in real time. Use ViewMe lights to ensure clear, webcast communications and meetings between colleagues.

When communicating with suppliers and clients, what you present to the world, makes a statement about your business. Whether it is video chatting with a vendor on the other side of the world or webcasting a company webinar to clients, the ViewMe light defines facial features to ensure a clear professional broadcast image from your computer. A great video broadcast can speak volumes of positive things about your company to an endless number of contacts.